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Caring for your Wig
CONGRATULATIONS! You have just purchased a high quality Judy wig, which we hope you enjoy for a long while. We are happy to assist you by providing instructions for the best possible care of your wig in order to keep it looking fresh and beautiful.

As hair in a wig does not grow or reinvent itself, it is being constantly dried out by blow drying and the use of all heated tools styling the same hair over and over again. We therefore recommend that you seek the assistance of a skilled hair specialist to prevent damage of any kind. Keep in mind that wearing your wig in wet or damp conditions may cause frizziness as well.

Just like your own hair, your natural hair wig requires regular washing and nourishment with quality hair care products. Before washing the wig, it must be brushed thoroughly to ensure that there are no knots. We recommend that you have this done by a professional stylist who uses top quality hair products. We also suggest that this be done approximately once a month depending on how often you wear the wig.

After your hair is washed and conditioned, it is important to allow it to dry naturally in an open area until it is slightly damp, before blow drying. Make sure not to overheat your wig when blow drying or using any other hot tools, to prevent burning or drying out of the hair which may cause damage or frizziness.

The hair in a natural wig is particularly sensitive and delicate. Therefore we ask that you please take special care of it and use only quality hair products for its upkeep. The hair can become dry or damaged if it is not properly conditioned.

Judy Wigs are produced using innovative and advanced technology. Every wig from our factory is made to meet the highest quality standards to be long lasting, natural looking, and comfortable to wear. By treating your wig correctly, you will be able to wear it and enjoy it for a long time to come.

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