If you do not see the items in stock that you need or require, or if you need additional modifications to make the perfect wig, consider our CUSTOM WIG. A custom wig allows you to blend color, style, cap and hair quality of your choice to create a wig that makes your “personal statement”.

We can blend hair colors. Use the color chart to choose the colors of your choice.

Choose your preference of body wave, basic wavy, straight, curly or super curly.

Do you want your hair to be long, short, shoulder length, longer in the front? Measure according to the custom order form to be sure of the exact lengths you want.

Fill out the order form carefully. If you require any further assistance please contact our customer service.
Determining Your Wig Size
Before beginning, flatten your hair. Use a cloth tape measure or string to ensure accuracy.
1.Measure Around Your Head
starting at the front of your natural hairline; follow your hairline to just above your ear. Measure around the back to the bend in your neck, just above your other ear, then around front to where you began.
2.Measure from Front to Back
Measure from your natural hairline in front, back over the crown to where your head meets the top of your neck.
3.Measure from Ear to Ear
Starting in front of one ear where your hairline ends, bring your tape measure or string up and over the crown to the front of your other ear.
Important Note: It takes approximately 6-8 weeks for your new custom wig to be completed. You can provide your measurements according to the diagram on our website or call to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives in the area.