Glossary of Wig
Chemical Treatment:

Refers to any chemical treatment of your wig including perm, straightening, and color treatment


The cuticle is the hair is the outermost, protective, sheath around the strand of hair. It provides texture and strength, and has a scale-like appearance

Lace Cap:

The lace cap is the foundation material which hair is sewn into to create beautiful, quality, wigs.

Lace Front:

The (open) lace front is the term for the lace in the front of the hairline, which is customized to your own hair growth pattern.


Pre-cut is the term given to a wig which is designed and pre-styled for a ‘ready to wear’ wig.

Remy Hair:

Remy hair is hair that is cut at the root and placed in the direction that it grew from the root. Remy Hair is carefully bundled so that the hairs remain in one direction, (the roots of the hair are on one side and the tip of the hair on the other). The hairs remain undisturbed throughout the process of making wigs/extensions, so the hair remains untangled, durable, and long lasting.