Hair Tech has taken advantage of some of the newest technology to enhance our unique line of wigs.
"I am confident,
I am comfortable
and I look
and feel fabulous
with my new hair."
We offer an extensive collection of styles, hair types and cuts for unmistakable elegance and grace.
Our new hair solutions are perfect for any woman looking to restore her sense of dignity and style, so she can go out in the world with complete confidence. No matter what your hair loss situation is, count on Judy Wigs for your restored sense of self-confidence.
Our hair stands out for its beautiful texture, luster and swing. We make certain that whatever your personal style you will feel supremely comfortable and confident in a Hair Tech wig.

A large selection of styles and color
Perfect fit
Lightweight and comfortable
Easy care
One-on-one attention
Unmatched customer service and attention to detail
Guaranteed satisfaction…always!

You can find Judy at our Brooklyn location and have our professional and courteous staff arrange a one-on-one consultation with you in one of our private rooms. Based on your needs, we will help you decide what type of wig works best for you.