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Hair Loss Client Quotes
“After my cancer surgery and chemotherapy, I was ready to finally get back out and about with friends and family. Unfortunately, the treatment had thinned my hair quite a lot. On a good friend‘s advice, I met with Judy and she was able to create the most comfortable wig for me. My first big night out was a large charity dinner, and my Judy Wig made me feel like a new woman.”

Candace U.

“I have been a loyal client of Judy‘s for many years. When thinning hair – a common trait of many women in my family - actually made a new wig a must for me, Judy knew exactly what I wanted. Words cannot describe just how happy I am! I have not smiled so much in years!”

Lauren B

“I had been taking medication for a condition that was robbing me of my vitality. When my health began to improve, I was left with significantly thinning hair. Perhaps the most important decision I made was contacting Judy and her amazing staff of wig creation artists. Even though my hair has since grown back, I am still wearing the wig! Judy is the best!”

Shoshanna L

“As I have gotten older‚ I have had the unfortunate problem of thinning hair‚ which was really robbing me of my self-confidence. After meeting with one of Judy‘s professional stylist, I was able to walk out – with my new wig on – with an unbelievably fresh sense of confidence…not to mention a beautiful new head of gorgeous hair! Thank you Judy!”

Marlena T

“Hair is, after all, a big part of a woman‘s appearance. My family and I have turned to Judy Wigs for years. The women in my family have alopecia issues that have led to steady hair loss for many of us. Judy and her staff have always handled our needs with an important, never-ending, and always true spirit of professionalism and care. Our appreciation goes well beyond words!”

Erica K.

“Judy‘s hair loss services have played a big part in helping me to overcome illness-generated hair loss and get back out in the world with a newly restored sense of self-confidence. Having turned to Judy and her amazing team for years, my family always thinks Judy Wigs first... and for good reason. She is truly the best at what she does.”

Lisa W.